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Our Products and Services

DLMS Smart Meter Server Stack

  • Available for Single and Three Phase Metering Applications
  • IS16444 and IS15959-2 Type Test Certified
  • CTT 3.0 and 3.1 Passed
  • Optimized RAM and ROM
  • Platform Independent Stack; Easy to port on various controllers.
  • RF, GPRS or any wireless device can be connected (as per IS16444). Integrated and Tested GPRS as per EESL-1 requirements.

DLMS Client Tools and Libraries

  • As per IS15959 Part-1 & Part-2 and IS16444
  • DLMS Read/Write Client Tool ( Windows Based)
  • DLMS  BCS GUI Tool For Reports   ( Windows Based)
  • DLMS Based Handheld units (HHU) / Common metering reading instrument(CMRI)
  • HDLC, DLMS and COSEM Libraries for developing HES

         IOT Product-VTS

  • IP67 Class -Water Proof Model
  • GPRS and GSM Enabled
  • RFID -Toll Payment
  • Precise Location of Vehicle
  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperate, Door and Fuel Sensor
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Panic Button and Tamper Alerts
  • Geo Fencing and other Features
  • FOTA-FW Upgrade over the Air

                                                    Our Domain Expertise

Nextron Control and Automation, a company with experienced experts in the field of Smart Metering provide easy to adapt and secured solutions to ODMs, OEMs, Utilities and End users in the field of:

  • Smart Metering Eco System
  • Smart Grid Eco System
  • IS15959 (Part-1 & Part-2) and IS6444 based Indian DLMS/COSEM Stack for developing Smart Meter Server and Smart Meter Client (HES-Head End System).
  • RF, GPRS Solutions for Smart Metering Eco System
  • Data Analytics and Energy Optimization support
  • IEC-61850- Electrical Sub Station Communication Protocol
  • Internet of Things

As the world’s works to go green, the energy consumption plays a vital role. We at Nextron are engaged in building next generation solutions and smart metering applications to analyze and optimize the power consumption as per end user’s need.


Using Smart Meters, utilities can connect end user’s Meters on internet via RF, GPRS and read the DLMS/COSEM based data to avoid manual errors in billing process thus serve better by forecasting the power needs. End users can determine the consumption and maximum demand and can also plan to reduce the bill.



We support our clients in developing Smart Meters as per various Indian Standards like DLMS IS15959 (Part 1 & 2) , Smart Meter Standard IS16444, International DLMS/SM Standards like IDIS pack 2 and IEC-61850-Electrical Sub Station Communication Protocol.



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